This comes a day after prosecutors submitted their own appeal, arguing her sentence is upgraded to life imprisonment.

A district court in Bali last month sentenced Corby, 27, to 20 years in prison for smuggling 4.1 kilograms of marijuana into Indonesia.

However Corby has maintained her innocence, insisting the drugs were planted in her bags.

Her defence team has been reinforced by high-profile Jakarta lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea, who has called on the Australian government to help provide evidence and witnesses from Australia to Indonesia for a potential reopening of the case.

One of her other lawyers, Erwin Siregar, told AFP that Canberra has been asked to allow a check-in counter official at Brisbane airport to testify in any future hearing in Indonesia.

Lawyers will also use recordings from security cameras at Brisbane and Bali airports as additional evidence.

They also want to call as witnesses two Victorian prison inmates who were allegedly overheard joking about how the drug stash found in her bag had been stashed there by airport baggage handlers in Australia, and had not been removed before making its way to Bali.

Defence lawyer Lily Lubis said the appeal will also focus on the prosecution’s failure to prove that she imported the drugs into Bali last October.

“What the prosecutor and the judges proved is that the boogie board bag belonged to Schapelle, (and) that she admitted it belonged to her. But they have not proven that the marijuana belonged to her,” she said.

She said the team will also point out comments made by the Bali Police narcotics squad director, who some months ago said that police only completed half of the investigation into her case before handing the dossier to prosecutors.

Prosecutors have insisted the 20-year sentence was too lenient.

“Basically we’re not satisfied,” said prosecutor Ida Bagus Wiswantanu, quoted by The Jakarta Post newspaper.

“The convict deserves a life sentence.”

Corby’s appeal will be heard by three high court judges.

They have 60 days to hand down a decision, but could seek an additional 30 days to consider the matter.

The Indonesian government has said it is looking into an Australian proposal of a prisoner exchange agreement to allow Corby to serve out her sentence at home.