“Firstly, I’d like to say to the prosecutors I cannot admit to a crime I did not commit,” she told the Denpasar District Court.

“And to the judges, my life at the moment is in your hands but I would prefer that my life was in your heart.”

“And I say again that I have no knowledge of how the marijuana came to be inside my bag, and I believe the evidence shows (that), one, there is a problem in Australia with security at airports and baggage handling procedures.

“Two, my own mistake is not putting a lock on my luggage. Three, I have never at any stage claimed ownership of the plastic bag and its contents. Four, had the police weighed all of my luggage for the total weight, it would have proven to show a difference from the total weight at check-in at Brisbane airport.”

While she remained largely composed, her voice sometimes wavered and cracked with emotion.

Ms Corby told the judges she feels she has been punished enough, spending seven months in prison in Bali, for the crime of not putting locks on her bags.

Ms Corby, 27, was arrested at Denpasar airport last October with 4.1kg of marijuana in her unlocked body board bag.

She has protested her innocence and said she believes she got caught up in an international smuggling ring, possibly involving baggage handlers at Australian airports.

“I swear that as God is my witness, I did not know that the marijuana was in my bag. Please look to your God for guidance in your judgment for me. For God only speaks of justice, and your Honours, I ask for you to show good judgment and send me home,” she pleaded.

“I am the innocent victim of a … drug smuggling network.”

Before she made her statement around 3pm AEST, her family decorated the courtroom with yellow ribbons and written placards demanding her freedom.

After she finished reading her statement, she left the courtroom and the trial was adjourned.

The three-member panel of judges is expected to take weeks to consider their verdict.