The 46-year-old has denied charges of molesting Gavin Arvizo two years ago, then 13, plying him with alcohol and conspiring to kidnap his family.

Four months after his trial began, and after calling 50 witnesses in an effort to cast doubt on the motives and background of his accuser and family, Jackson’s legal team completed its case.

Throughout the trial, defence lawyers painted Jackson as the victim of false charges that began when the boy’s mother realised the singer was no longer going to finance her lavish lifestyle.

A series of defence witnesses said the mother had made a career of going after celebrities for money and defrauding other people.

The last person to give evidence was actor Chris Tucker, who said he’d warned Jackson to beware of the boy’s mother and said he found the alleged victim to be unusually savvy.

“He was really smart, he was cunning at times,” Mr Tucker said.

“I said, ‘Michael, something is not right,'” Mr Tucker said, adding he had grown increasingly suspicious as the mother and the accuser referred to Jackson as “Daddy” and to himself as “Brother”.

Mr Tucker, who befriended the boy and his family after meeting them at a fund-raising event to treat the boy’s cancer, also said he felt the family took financial advantage of him.

He described how he invited them to Las Vegas to visit him on a film set for a few days, only for them to stay on for weeks at his expense.

He also said the family pressed him to give them a car at the time when they were already using one belonging to Jackson.

Mr Tucker said the boy also used his cancer to leverage gifts out of him.

“He always said stuff like, ‘Chris, let me have this, let me get this, I’m sick.’ He was going too far,” he said.

The trial now enters the rebuttal stage, where both sides call more witnesses to clarify certain issues.

Jurors will then be expected to begin deciding on a verdict.

At the start of the trial in January, Jackson’s defence team presented a witness list of 300 people, including stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and basketball player Kobe Bryant.

In the end, only a handful of celebrities, including Mr Tucker, Macaulay Culkin and comedians, Jay Leno and George Lopez, took the witness stand.

A spokeswoman for Jackson said the pop star had wanted to testify in his defence, but his lawyers talked him out of it.